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OX-5000 Series Voice Evacuation System

Mircom’s OX-5lll0D- Series is a multi-channel, zoned audio system that allows the operator to selectively page from a central location to any of the system’s audible devices. In addition, the OX-5000 allows for zoned, tire fighters’ telephone communication with remote telephone handsets that are permanently installed throughout a building. The system has a simple interface to the Fire Alarm Control Panel, and contains its own power supply and battery back up system.

  • Multi-channel, zoned voice paging and alarm system
  • Multiple lobby capacity
  • Distributed audio control
  • Multiple amplifier sizes
  • Zone or All-Call selectability (Alert/Evacuation)
  • Provides single or multiple command center for use in emergencies
  • Multiple building interconnection (Campus Style)
  • Removable terminal blocks fur ease of installation and maintenance
  • Operates from integrated 24 VDC backup batteries in the event of a power failure.
  • Zoned, fire fighter telephone capability
  • Indication of all required fault conditions
  • Speaker circuits are integrated with amplifier circuits.
  • Multiple amplifier sizes (up to 7 per enclosure)
  • Maintains full supervision during battery operation
  • Digitized voice capability
  • Microprocessor based operations

Fire Fighter Telephones

Mircom’s Fire Fighter Telephones are designed to operate in conjunction with Mirc0m’s QX-5000 Series handsets are permanently installed throughout a building to allow Fire Fighters easy communication with the main control panel.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Red Finish
  • Flush or surface mount
  • Key-locked door
  • Break glass insert
  • Rugged ABS plastic handset
  • Portable handsets also available
  • Addressable module available


4″ Speakers SP-Series

Mircom’s SP-Series 4″ Speakers are designed for broadcasting high quality tone signals and are ideal for alarm signaling in hotels‘ malls, apartments and other areas where attractive appearance and dependable performance are prime concerns.