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Firex Product

FE – 36 4.5 KG

FE – 36 4.5 KG


  • Steel cylinder of high quality ST14 by means of deep drawing and painted with anti-corrosive polyester paint (powder coating).
  • FE-36 gas is effective on class A,B, C & E fires and it is ideal for multi-risk fire.
  • Corrosion and impact resistant polyester finish.
  • Equipped with entire brass valve with pistol system.
  • Ready for instant use and simple to operate.
  • Approved by UAE Civil Defense and it is manufactured according to International Standards.
  • The valve is equipped with safety release pressure to avoid any bursting of cylinders during high temperature.
  • Do not use on fires involving carbon disulphate and flammable metal.
  • Available in Green and Red colour.