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Firex Product


C02 System

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System consists otone ot more bank ot cylinder storage containers to supply the CO2 extinguishing agent. Flexible discharge bends or hoses connects the cylinders into a piping manifold. The manifold in turn distributes the agent into the piping network. Nozzles regulate the flow oi‘ CO2 into the protected area.

G02 is Electrically Non-conductive

Carbon Dioxide tire extinguishing systems can be used to protect a wide variety of hazards from delicate electronic equipment without danger or damage.


CO2 is Non-Damaging

When designed, engineered and installed properly, Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems will not normally damage sensitive electronic equipment. Carbon Dioxide has no residual clean-up associated with its use as a fire suppressing agent. When it is properly ventilated, the gas escapes to atmosphere alter the fire has been extinguished.


  • Telecommunications
  • Museums
  • Switch Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Archives
  • Laboratories
  • Paper Storage