About Firex

VISION To expand our business to the international market and to be one of the market leaders in the Fire Fighting field through wider local and international market penetration, bigger production and services and better quality served. MISSION To the best in Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm protection business in the area through designing, supplying and installing all types of products related to fire protection, fire alarm, fire fighting and security fields in UAE and the Middle East. EMIRATES FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT FACTORY LLC. (FIREX) involved from activities started in the early eighties by professionals in the field of Fire Fighting It was established in Sharjah ( U.A.E.) in the year 1998 and has built up a range of quality products with a commitment to develop innovative fire fighting products and to provide a world class quality and services. Since it was established, FIREX has grown-up rapidly as one of the largest professional companies in the field of Fire Fighting Industry. FIREX have been awarded as ISO 9001-2000 Certificate of Approval by the first year of its operation and so far it is the only national Manufacturing Company in the field of FIRE FIGHTING in United Arab Emirates.
  • Mircom (Canada)
  • Foamtec (Sweden)
  • J-Line (USA)
  • FIREX Cables (Italy)
  • Magnum (USA)
  • SAVA (Slovenia)
  • Horing Lih (Taiwan)
  • SEVO Systems (USA)
  • Maxspid (Singapore)
  • Bosch (Germany)
With the network spread across the globe and the presence in international exhibitions, we FIREX are constantly improving and developing our products to be in the forefront with the best and latest in the field of Fire Fighting equipment because….”YOUR SAFETY IS OUR CONCERN”
SN Country SN Country
1 Afghanistan 30 KSA
2 Algeria 31 Kosovo
3 Armenia 32 Kuwait
4 Azerbaijan 33 Lebanon
5 Bahrain 34 Liberia
6 Bangladesh 35 Libya
7 Benin 36 Maldives
8 Burkina Faso 37 Mali
9 Cameroon 38 Malta
10 Central Africa 39 Morocco
11 China 40 Nigeria
12 Congo 41 Oman
13 Cost Rica 42 Pakistan
14 Cote d’ Ivoire 43 Qatar
15 Cyprus 44 Ruwanda
16 Denmark 45 Senegal
17 Dominica 46 Somalia
18 Egypt 47
19 Ethiopia 48 Spain
20 East Timor 49 Tanzania
21 Georgia 50 Tunisia
22 Germany 51 UAE
23 Ghana 52 Uganda
24 Guinea 53
25 Haiti 54 Vietnam
26 India 55 Yemen
27 Iraq
28 Jordan
29 Kenya